The Alternative Vietnamese Dictionary: cua

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Entry definition

cua pronunciation {{vi-pron}}
etymology 1 From Proto-Vietic *kua
noun: {{vi-noun}}
  1. (zoology) crab
related terms:
  • càng
  • dã tràng
  • ghẹ 〈ghẹ〉
etymology 2 {{rfe}}
verb: {{vi-verb}}
  1. (dialectal, Southern dialects, slang) to take out a girl
Synonyms: cưa
etymology 3 From French cours
noun: {{vi-noun}}
  1. (dated, informal) corner, curve, bend point where a route changes sharply Xe chạy qua cua. The car rounded a corner.
  2. (informal) period, term, round period of time required to complete a task theo học một cua ngoại ngữ to study a foreign language for a term Học mỗi cua ba tháng. Each term of study is three months.
adjective: {{vi-noun}}
  1. (informal) having a buzzcut, crewcut đầu húi cua a buzz-cut head

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